601 Crochet Bow Throw Kit

601 Crochet Bow Throw Kit

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Intermediate Crochet

Crochet this fun colourful bow throw in Cotton 8 ply... 

Our recommended substitute yarn for this cute throw is Patons Cotton Blend  8 ply, and we've also substituted the colours for you and packaged up the throw for easy purchase.

See below for our recommended colours using Patons Cotton Blend 8 ply, to give you the same look as the Heirloom Cotton. Of course you can make your own colour selection by clicking here from the range of Cotton Blend 8 ply colours. 

M - 01 White (8 balls)
C1 - 21 Denim (3 balls)
C2 - 36 Frosty Green (2 balls)
C3 - 06 Canary (4 balls)
C4 - 25 Flamingo (2 balls)
C5 - Orange (2 balls)

Throw measurements

Width 85 cm
Length 125 cm

Kit includes:
Yarn as above (21 balls)
Pattern - optional
4mm Hook - optional


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