10144 Jewelspun Granny Square Throw Leaflet

10144 Jewelspun Granny Square Throw Leaflet

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Who doesn’t love the gentle, mindful, relaxing process of making a granny square, and even more so when the yarn colours subtly morph from one colour to another. This has got to be one of the ultimate chill out projects.

This beautiful crochet granny square blanket is both practical and stunning, and it looks great as a stand-alone piece, making it a wonderful gift. With a handspun effect, this self-striping yarn inspired by stripes in nature makes for a surreal colour combination and the scalloped edging gives it a classy finish.

Crochet level: Beginner

One size: 83 x 113 cm

The sample shown has been made using 2 colours of Jewelspun, but there’s nothing to stop you using more colours or just keeping it simple with a single shade.
The colours pictured:
2 balls each of Jewelspun Aran, Shades 707 Golden Felspar and 694 Crystal Quartz 
You will also need a 5.00 mm crochet hook
Wool needle for sewing in ends