Christmas Ornament Kit

Christmas Ornament Kit

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Create a set of FIVE keepsake Christmas ornaments with this gorgeous kit.

Made from quality materials and featuring yarns and pure woolen felt that has been lovingly dyed with homegrown plants.

Each kit contains:

  • 3 timber Star ornaments (cut in Chum Creek, Vic)
  • 1 timber Christmas Tree ornament (as above)
  • 8ply yarn in greens for the Tree Ornament; naturally dyed with prunus leaves, indigo, weld and goldenrod leaves
  • 4ply Finn yarn in a mix of yellows for the Stars: naturally dyed with tansy leaves, goldenrod leaves and marigold flowers. (You can read about this special yarn on the website in the Journal section!)
  • Thin linen/cotton thread in red, yellow and green for hanging loops
  • FELT piece, Colour 1: Red pure wool felt for the House ornament roof, naturally dyed with madder root
  • FELT piece. Colour 2: Brown or natural earth coloured wool felt for the House ornament walls and floor, naturally dyed with Walnut hulls
  • Pure wool stuffing for the Felt house ornament
  • Full instructions and pattern fo the Felt house

You will need:

  • Paper scissors and sharp, small fabric scissors
  • Sewing needle and pins
  • Sewing thread and embroidery threads of your choice

*Please note this kit does not contain finished ornaments. It is a kit of materials and comprehensive instructions and a pattern for you to use! Also some colours may differ slightly from the pictured ones as they have come from a different dye bath.