Coin Purse Kit
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Coin Purse Kit

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90mm Coin Purse Kit This purse is the perfect size for a lipstick, coins and a few essentials. It's a great kit to start with if you want to learn how to make framed purses.

KIT CONTAINS: Pattern, Instructions, 1 x 90mm Silver (nickel) Square Purse Frame and 35cm x woven interfacing and small amount of piping cord

This kit makes a cute coin purse. It only needs a scrap of fabric and is super-quick to make.

YOU WILL NEED: 13cm x 32 cm Fabric PLUS 13cm x 32cm Lining Fabric, Interfacing, Piping Cord, Strong Craft Glue*

Light fusible wadding can be used to add extra body to light fabrics.

You will also need a hammer and a cork coaster (or a small piece of template plastic or wood).