Flower Weaving Kits

Flower Weaving Kits

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Proudly hand-crafted in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Valleymaker kits feature fibres which are botanically dyed with seeds, leaves, flowers, bark and roots of plants predominantly grown or gathered locally.

These teeny tiny flower weaving kits are a perfect addition to your present stash or for that emergency party or Christmas present you needed to get. A unique and fun present for a crafty kid (age 5 and up) or an adult needed a relaxing project.

Each kit includes:

  • one locally made teeny tiny timber flower loom, measuring around 12cm in diameter.

  • 10 lengths of botanically dyed fibres

  • a tapestry needle

  • warping thread

  • instructions

**Please note that some colours (loom, yarn and rovings) may differ slightly from the pictured ones as they have come from a different dye bath.