Perfect Toadstool Felting Kit

Perfect Toadstool Felting Kit

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This kit has the Materials, Instructions and Pattern for you to make one pure wool, plant dyed felt Toadstool .

If you can cut fabric neatly and do some simple sewing stitches then you will be able to make this Toadstool.

The finished Toadstool will measure approximately 13cm tall, with an 8cm diameter Cap/Top.

This kit contains:

  • Colour 1: Pure wool felt for the Toadstool Stem, naturally dyed with Walnut hulls
  • Colour 2: White natural wool felt for theToadstool Cap Underside
  • Colour 3: Pure wool felt for the Toadstool Cap, naturally dyed with Madder root
  • Pure wool stuffing for the Toadstool
  • Paper pattern

You will need:

  • Paper scissors and sharp, small fabric scissors
  • Sewing needle and pins
  • Sewing thread (I used a pale brown in the pictured sample on the brown and cream felt and a deep red thread on the red felt)
  • Embroidery thread if you would like to add French knot spots
  • A tablespoon or 2 of dried legumes or rice to weigh the base down inside. (Whatever you can find in your pantry that looks like it needs using up, the heavier the better!) A 50cent coin can also be added to created stability.

*Please note this kit does not contain a finished toadstool. It is a kit of materials and comprehensive instructions and a pattern for you to use! Also some colours may differ slightly from the pictured ones as they have come from a different dye bath.