Ready Set Socks
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Ready Set Socks

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Sock Designs for Every Knitter

Patterns by Rachel Coopey: Rachel is a knitwear deisgner with a focus on small, intricate, and wearable pieces. Driven by a never-ending quest for warm feet, she loves to design and knit socks. She brings her love of texture, pattern, and colour into every pair.

Whether you are a new or experienced knitter, let Ready Set Socks be your ultimate guide to sock making!

Discover the magic that is turning a heel, and experiment with colour, texture, lace, and cables on your way to becoming a seasoned sock knitter.

A collection of ten unique patterns designed by Rachel Coopey (with instructions for both 4-ply and DK versions). Ready Set Socks takes you through the steps of creating and customising your own sock, offering a ready-made compendium of patterns you'll want to come back to again and again.