4347 Giddy Up Quilt (e-pattern)
Missy Mack

4347 Giddy Up Quilt (e-pattern)

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This fun quilt is perfect for the horse lover in your life, be them little children or big pony loving adults!
Create your own quilt in your choice of colours - even customise the ponies to match the real ponies in your life with your choice of fabric colours. This quilt is simple to piece, and will look amazing in true horse colours, such as Chestnuts or Bays, but how about something fun like ponies with pink and aqua manes? Or, even with a bit of stitching or appliqué addition you could have a unicorn!

The PDF pattern is available for immediate download, and features extensive instructions for how to create your own quilt. The finished quilt is a Twin/Double size, at 62x74", but it could easily be made larger or smaller depending on your requirements. One single horse head block would even make a fun mini quilt.
Don't let the thought of sewing triangles daunt you - this a simple and easy technique that can be achieved by any ability sewer.

The pattern includes clear and well thought out instructions and diagrams, and is easy to read. This pattern has been thoroughly tested by sewers of varying ability and first featured in Homespun magazine in 2018. Due to it's popularity, it's now available here.

This pattern is for personal use, and not to be reproduced or made in any way for further sale. Thank you!