Sewing Knits Together

The following sewing knits together demonstration tutorials by Alison Boyd of Crumbz Craft, visually and verbally explains how to sew a knitted garment together. 
Alison has years of experience teaching knitting, so is able to show you how to join your shoulder seams, set in your sleeves, sew your side seams together using mattress stitch, and the pros and cons of what to look out for.
These online tutorial are like having a knitting lesson with her at Crumbz Craft, but online, so you can refer back to it whenever you want.
The 5 key finishing techniques of how to sew your garment together are:
Joining Shoulder Seams Setting in the Sleeves Sewing Sleeves & Side Seams Together Sewing Side Seams with Mattress Stitch Weaving in Ends and Finishing Edges