Amigurumi Farmyard
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Amigurumi Farmyard

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Crochet your own amigurumi farmyard! Over 20 fabulously cute, quirky and easy to make crocheted farmyard animals, vegetables and accessories using easy-to-follow patterns.


Create your very own farmyard with these amazingly cute amigurumi crocheted projects. Once you have a farmhouse and some fences, you can populate the fields with a cow, a sheep, a pony, a goat and numerous other lovely farmyard creatures. So simple and quick to make, the animals are all made with wire so that they can stand (this can be left out if giving to small children), and using small amounts of yarn they are perfect for using your stash.

There is a useful techniques section at the beginning to set you on your way for 20 projects. This small farmyard world offers lots of fun and play for young and old, but the projects can also be used as shelf decorations. Includes such fun projects as: Barn, Pony, Pib, Sheep, Goat, Carrot, Pumpkin, Cat and Dog!

Industry Reviews

Children will have as much fun playing with this woolly farmyard as you'll have making it! The 26 projects are quick and easy to crochet and all the materials and techniques are explained. * Machine Knitting Monthly *