Corner to Corner Crochet
Jess Coppom

Corner to Corner Crochet

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Corner to corner crochet - also known as C2C crochet - is the perfect way to create colourful, graphic designs without having to learn complex colourwork techniques. Using basic crochet stitches you can create stunning, contemporary designs for home decor items and accessories.

C2C projects also stitch up super-fast so if you've been put off tackling a crochet blanket because it would take too long, this is the technique for you!

Author Jess Coppom has brought a really fresh take to this style of crochet with a collection of 15 modern projects all made using the C2C technique. Choose from patterns for six different afghans or blankets including a monochrome chunky throw and a beautiful Mexican style blanket. Other projects include pillows, a bathroom rug and some stunning items to wear such as a poncho, shawl and cowl.

Why not make some C2C projects for yourself and then stitch up some treats for friends and family?

Book Features:

  • C2C crochet is a quick and easy way to create graphic colourful designs in crochet, perfect for beginners.
  • This is the first book in the market featuring a full collection of contemporary C2C projects.
  • C2C is a breakthrough technique, with crocheters actively looking for tutorials and patterns.

About the Author

Jess Coppom blogs under the name Make & Do Crew. She gave up a career in advertising to focus on designing and has attracted over 130k online followers for her contemporary crochet projects. She lives in Denver, Colorado.