Decorative Macrame

Decorative Macrame

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Chic and timeless, macrame has once again established itself as a popular home decor trend.

Decorative Macrame walks you through the process of creating your own unique piece, perfect for your space. Clear step-by-step photographs show you how to create four basic knots and employ simple techniques, while detailed diagrams help with the logistics of things like measurements-making the creation process less daunting.

Readers will be able to create 20 projects, simple enough for beginners, satisfying enough for practiced knotters. Ranging from small accessories to hanging statement pieces, everyone will be able to find something that catches their eye.

Projects include:

  • Soft wall hangings perfect for warming up any space
  • An elegant room divider
  • A boho chic lampshade
  • An adorable bunting that can hang year-round
  • Multiple hanging plant holders
  • Curtain ties that add a touch of interest to your windows
  • A keychain so you can take your craft with you

Beautiful lifestyle images of the finished projects (surrounded by muted tones, natural materials and an abundance of plants) are sure to inspire your own space.

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