Flowerhead Pins 50mm x 0.55mm Qty 50 MN104
Matilda's Own

Flowerhead Pins 50mm x 0.55mm Qty 50 MN104

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Size: 50mm X 0.55mm

Pack of 50 pins.

Tired of using the same old pins all the time? Let these flower head pins brighten your project. Perfect for all tasks they are flat, a great length and have excellent strength. If you are looking for pretty flower head pins for making your quilting work easy, then the Matildas Own flower head pins will be the perfect choice. They are convenient, affordable and durable. Also, they are available in different colours. Check out their features and characteristics to find out about the vibrant flower head pins in details.

The flower head pins have a dimension of 0.55mm x 50 mm, which is the perfect size. It is neither too big nor too small which makes them easy to spot. It complements all types of fabric of various colours. You can match it up with your quilt as per your requirements. The colours include red, white, green, yellow and more. These pins make work easier, faster and much simpler in terms of time and effort. Enhance your productivity by using these pins for your projects.