Happy Chenille Book 1

Happy Chenille Book 1

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DMC presents the Happy Chenille Book 1 – Special Amigurumis. With this book you will learn how to crochet step by step 5 fantastic, adorable, and colourful animals. You will love them!

They are easy to make. You will be able to crochet a unicorn, a llama, a whale, an okapi, or a little bird. It could be the perfect gift for your children or grandchildren, they will be delighted to have these original cuddly toys.

In order to crochet these amigurumis you will need the Happy Chenille thread of DMC. This thread of polyester is characterized by its smooth, and pleasant feel, which is ideal for amigurumis, since it achieves a velvety finish.

Each animal has its own pattern and the list of materials required, so you can easily crochet them step by step.

Which are the features of the DMC Happy Chenille Book 1 – Fantastic Animals?

  • It includes the instructions in English, Spanish, French and Italian.
  • 5 patterns of fantastic animals.
  • List of recommended materials (such as the Happy Chenille DMC).
  • Level of difficulty: easy.

Create smooth, cuddly toys for the youngest of the family. Remember that you can also make the amigurumis of Book 2 and 3 to have the complete collection