Happy Chenille Book 2

Happy Chenille Book 2

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DMC presents the DMC Happy Chenille Book 2 – Special Amigurumi which contains 5 patterns to crochet adorable amigurumis for children. You will be able to crochet 5 different and colorful dinosaurs: a tyrannosaur, a brontosaur, a styracosaur, a pterosaur, and a stegosaurus. 

To crochet these dinosaur-shaped amigurumis, you will need the Happy Chenille thread: a soft thread made of polyester, perfect for this type of projects!

On the book you will find the corresponding pattern for each dinosaur. These patterns are easy to work with: the instructions are very simple!

Which are the features of the DMC Happy Chenille Book 2 – Special Amigurumi?

  • Available instructions in English, Spanish, French and Italian.
  • 5 different dinosaur patterns.
  • Enough DMC Happy Chenille threads.
  • Difficulty level: easy.

This is your chance to crochet these cute dinosaurs for the little ones in the family. If you want to crochet more animals, take a look on the DMC Happy Chenille Book 1 and 3. Collect them all!