Happy Chenille Book 3

Happy Chenille Book 3

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DMC presents the Happy Chenille Book 3 – Special Amigurumi. Inside you will find the required explanations to crochet 5 amigurumis and get adorable results: a pink piggy, a grey cat, a white rabbit, a yellow chick, and a beige-colored dog.

To crochet these animals you will need the Happy Chenille thread characterized by its softness. It is entirely made of polyester and you will love working with its velvety results!

These amigurumis are very easy to crochet thanks to its step-by-step instructions.

Which are the features of DMC Happy Chenille Book 3 – Special Amigurumi?

  • Available instructions in English, Spanish, French and Italian.
  • 5 different farm animal patterns to crochet.
  • Thread needed: DMC Happy Chenille.
  • Difficulty level: easy.

Crochet these adorable animal-shaped amigurumis easily. You will also find more available patterns on the DMC Happy Chenille Book 2 and 3 of special amigurumi. What are you waiting for to collect them?