In Central Park Book 8

In Central Park Book 8

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"Central Park belongs to every time. Unchanged in landscape for more than a century, it harbors layer upon layer of history. Victorian figures in bronze have received steadfast companions across ensuing eras. The Sheep Meadow, once home to idling Southdowns and Dorsets, now welcomes pensive knitters, bright hanks of wool spread across their blankets.

Central Park belongs to every place. Walk through its gates and enter a singular world, a Brigadoon of green Idylls. Stretching over hundreds of acres, it borders countless neighborhoods: A collective backyard from Cloumbus Circle to Spanish Harlem, it invites a variegated tapestry of culture.

Central Park belongs to every feeling. Such a place could only be created of a poet's invocation. Filmed by Hollywood more than any place in the world, it lives in the collective imagination of humanity. It inspires a sense of awe, of reflection, of leisure, of play. Of well-being, most of all - of knowing that, like a cherished project on the needles, it will always be there to cheer you.

Those who gambol, those who rest, those who search for magic all have made Central Park their own. It belongs to everyone. Just as Malabrigo belongs to every knitter."

-Excerpt from "Paradise Found" in Malabrigo book 8 - in Central Park