Knit Step by Step
Vikki Haffenden & Frederica Patmore

Knit Step by Step

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Cover Type: Hardcover

Techniques, Stitches, and Patterns Made Easy

Knit Step by Step is a beginner's guide to knitting successfully.

The book takes you through simple skills, including how to knit, purl, and cast on and off, and will soon help you decode knitting patterns and build intricate designs with eye-catching rib and cable stitches, structural effects and multi-coloured Fair Isle and intarsia patterns.

Alongside more than 200 clearly photographed stitch patterns and techniques, including using circular needles and creating structural effects, the book features 10 fun knitting projects to give you the chance to put your new-found skills into practice.

Create a simple scarf, eye-catching soft furnishing, blankets and other items to keep you and your loved ones warm and cosy.