The Knitter's Dictionary
Kate Atherley

The Knitter's Dictionary

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Knitting Know-How from A to Z

From "alt" to "yrn," knitting patterns have a unique language of abbreviations and knitting techniques. The Knitter's Dictionary is your comprehensive resource to understanding the language of knitting in a quick-reference guide that no knitting bag should be without. For beginner and skilled knitters alike, there's always something new to discover in your next hand knit project. The Knitter's Dictionary puts an expert knitting instructor in the palm of your hands to help you navigate any pattern.

Within this knitting bag necessity you'll also find:

  • Over 150 illustrations showing you everything from the difference between a toque and a beret to how-to information on increase and decrease stitches.
  • Handy cross references quickly lead you to exactly the information you need whether you've come across a new abbreviation in a knitting pattern or you've forgotten the steps to a long-tail cast on.
  • Extended information on more challenging topics like taking measurements, understanding gauge, and fiber care instructions make this more than a dictionary--it's important information no knitter should be without.
  • Packed with bonus tips and tricks, learn the do's and don'ts of pattern knitting making patterns easier and more enjoyable to knit!

The Knitter's Dictionary gives knitters the answers they need when and where they need them in a precise and helpful way. Give yourself or another knitter the gift of knowledge with this must-have resource.

Book Features:

  • The most comprehensive guide to understanding the language of knitting with an interactive A-Z approach tailor made for today's Internet savvy knitters.
  • A precise and specific answer to knitters' questions, when and where they need them. Many answers search engines can't answer!
  • The perfect gift for every level knitter with project-bag-friendly hardcover trim and packaging.