Summertime Crochet Collection

Summertime Crochet Collection

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Skill Level: Easy to Advance Crochet

Get hooked on summer with this timeless crochet collection. Classic shapes have been handpicked from our archive and further enriched with delightful new pieces from the Rowan team. Inspire your warm-weather wardrobe with these key summertime designs using our range of cotton yarns.

Yarns: 4 ply & 8 ply cottons


  1. Margarida Hat A
  2. Louna Summer Tee
  3. Melina Sweater
  4. Elise Crochet Top
  5. Margarida Hat B
  6. Amelia Crochet Vest
  7. Beatriz Sweater
  8. Olivia Tee
  9. Leonie (short sleeves cardigan)
  10. Lya Summer Cover-up/Wrap
  11. Leonie (long sleeves cardigan)
  12. Kiara Summer Cardigan