TB046 Pilchard & Perch
Two Brown Birds

TB046 Pilchard & Perch

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Designed by Fiona Tully

After a day of chasing mice and sleeping in the sun, Pilchard and Perch love nothing more than a cuddle with their pet fish.

Size: 20 x 57.5cm (8" x 23" inches)

Materials required (makes 1 cat and 2 fish):

  • 50cm square of main fabric (for body)
  • 50cm square of a contrast fabric (for arms, legs, ear, backs, tummy, & nose)
  • Two 10x20cm pieces of plain white fabric for fish heads
  • Two 20cm squares of brigh print fabrics for fish bodies
  • Polyester Toy Fillling
  • Stranded embroidery floss in very dark brown
  • Template Plastic
  • General sewing supplies