TP2201 Babies Back to Front Dress & Romper Pattern
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TP2201 Babies Back to Front Dress & Romper Pattern

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Size: 00000 (Prem) - 3

Skill Level: Beginner

Has your little person ever proudly told you that they got themselves dress and you don’t have the heart to tell them that its back to front? 

Do you have a grandparent or partner who gets a little confused by handmade clothing that doesn’t have a tag and often puts them on the wrong way? 

Or maybe you’re out to dinner and your small human has spilt food down their front and you’re wishing you could just turn their clothes around to hide it?

So many problems solved with this clever little design! 

Meet the Back to Front Dress and Romper. 

Designed so that either side can be the “front” so you can change the style each time you wear it (or even halfway through the day!)

Not just a fun pattern to wear, this is also a joy to make. This pattern is constructed completely flat, making it a great pattern for beginners wanting to learn new skills.

This pattern can be made as a top, dress or romper (with wide leg or elastic leg style) and also has the option of adding snaps for easy nappy changes. You also have the choice of short or long straps (with short or long ruffles attached).

The Back to Front Dress & Romper is designed for light to medium weight woven fabrics and comes in sizes 00000 (premature) - 3.