Kids aprons are a Mum’s best friend

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OK, so the kids are back at school and you don’t like admitting it, but it’s actually a bit of a relief.  Life can get back to normal.  Routines can be established.  But the constant washing of school uniforms is always going to be a chore!!  What if I told you that we at Crumbz have come up with a bit of a solution for you?   You see for some people, aprons are just for us grownups to pull on over their heads ????????????????????????????????????when they’re in the kitchen making dinner.  But for kids, aprons are FAR more versatile.   Imagine this – the kids are just in from school and, as usual, starving.  They charge in to the kitchen and before you know it, they’re making themselves a snack.  Spread is going everywhere and sticky fingers are being wiped on their uniform.   We have the solution…kids aprons.  Keep them in the kitchen, on the back of the door, and when small hungry people come into the kitchen demanding a snack, you throw them their apron to put on over their uniform.  It’ll keep you happy – no mess on their uniform - and them happy – no need for them to get changed.   smock Aprons double as smocks for when your kids want to paint and you don’t want that new t-shirt ruining.  Or you can buy one of our actual smocks, like the one in the photo.  Kids are famous for suddenly wanting to do craft, with no prior warning or thought.  Rather than insisting they go and get changed into clothes that don’t matter, just pass them their aprons and tell them to "put on a pinny".   We’ve a great range of kids aprons and smocks in store, and online.  They are affordable, well made, and we only make what is popular, so pop in or on, and have a look and see which kids aprons will brighten up your household, and protect your kids' clothes.

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