Sewing Pattern review by Anneke - Bettsy Kingston's Market Skirt


Pattern: Market Skirt  
Designer: Bettsy Kingston
Reviewed: April 2020  Ref: 1/2020
Kits: Click here to purchase the Corduroy or A-line Sew-a-Long skirt kits

Hi, it’s Kay here, owner of Crumbz Craft in Healesville. We’ve put together this pattern guidance to help you sew our best seller pattern, ‘Market Skirt’ by Bettsy Kingston, with helpful hints and tips from Anneke, our beautiful Sewing Teacher here at Crumbz Craft. Her insights and wisdom will help you make this skirt at home and will be a huge support for you if you’re a beginner sewer attempting this pattern.

We want this to be ‘like having a private lesson with Anneke’, but from the comfort of your own home, with Anneke’s tips and notes below guiding you and helping build your sewing knowledge. We love the Market Skirt pattern, it’s our “go to” pattern for beginner sewers as it looks great when done and is straightforward to sew. It’s versatile too in that it offers a wide range of sizes from 1 - 7 years and sizes 10-18, with a plus size pattern too. Once you’ve made one, you can trick it up and make future ones with your own look, using different fabrics, adding pockets, changing hemlines, because let’s face it - a simple classic skirt never goes out of style.

In this pattern review by Anneke, she will walk you through the steps to create a standard skirt as well as an A-line skirt using the Market Skirt pattern. Both designs are flattering on all figures with options for deep inseam pockets, front or back pockets and hem details.

So here you go, I’m handing you over to Anneke…

Hi everyone, I’m Anneke, the sewing teacher here at Crumbz Craft.  As many of us are at home right now self-isolating, we’re not able to get together for our usual private and group lessons at Crumbz, so I thought I would review some of the most popular patterns we sell so you can dust off your sewing machine and start creating your own unique look. A skirt is always a great place to start as they are nice and simple to sew, so let’s get started with Bettsy Kingston’s Market Skirt...

Click here to download the Full Review and Guidelines for the making the Skirt. 

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