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Make your own Peppa Pig

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A few weeks ago we had a knitted Peppa Pig in the shop on loan from Alison, our knitting teacher. Peppa Pig - the knitted version in the Crumbz Store Unbeknown to me, Peppa Pig is a huge celebrity in "kids world" and she caused quite a stir in the shop, with every little person wanting to take her home.  Understandably, a few tantrums were thrown and tears flowed when they realised she wasn't for sale - it felt terrible saying no to so many sweet kids. I'm a far better crocheter than knitter, I decided to do some...

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bespoke clothing - made to order

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Crumbz clothing – where quality meets individuality I don’t know about you, but this year I’m really struggling to get excited by the clothes I’m seeing in the shops.  The department stores and fashion outlets that I used to love being inspired by aren’t doing it for me this season; their merchandising used to be cutting edge, new, stylish and exciting but what I’m seeing is row after row of untailored clothes in drab colours often made out of cheap fabric! Over the past 20 years here in Australia, high quality fashion has become the norm, raising the bar and...

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Kids birthday party ideas - so you can survive them!

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Pressure mounts at party time Being a parent of little ones is especially hard when it comes to their birthday parties.  There's a huge amount of pressure to invite everyone in your child’s class, produce amazing home-made food, not to mention the ‘birthday cake to rival all cakes’, pay for entertainment in the form of clowns and fairies, or have contortionists twisting balloons into daschunds, and then still be able to smile benignly three hours later as you pass out the most amazing party bags for everyone to take home?  If that sounds familiar, read on… Budget friendly Before the...

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Kids aprons are a Mum’s best friend

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OK, so the kids are back at school and you don’t like admitting it, but it’s actually a bit of a relief.  Life can get back to normal.  Routines can be established.  But the constant washing of school uniforms is always going to be a chore!!  What if I told you that we at Crumbz have come up with a bit of a solution for you?   You see for some people, aprons are just for us grownups to pull on over their heads when they’re in the kitchen making dinner.  But for kids, aprons are FAR more versatile.  ...

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