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Crumbz clothing – where quality meets individuality

I don’t know about you, but this year I’m really struggling to get excited by the clothes I’m seeing in the shops.  The department stores and fashion outlets that I used to love being inspired by aren’t doing it for me this season; their merchandising used to be cutting edge, new, stylish and exciting but what I’m seeing is row after row of untailored clothes in drab colours often made out of cheap fabric! Over the past 20 years here in Australia, high quality fashion has become the norm, raising the bar and setting high standards that we have grown to expect.  Why then should we accept something second-rate off the peg?  It has reinforced the need for creators like us at Crumbz to create one-off beautiful items of clothing, for kids as well as adults. crumbz xlothing Crumbz love sourcing local patterns for our kids clothing line and stock stunning fabrics for people to buy and make their own kids clothes.  We sell everything they’ll need; pattern, fabrics, accessories and can even teach them how – with our individual and group classes, sewing machine hire and helpful knowledgeable staff.  But we know our customers, and we know that not everyone has the time or inclination to make clothes themselves, which is why we offer a tailor-made service. crumbz clothing In craft, as in life, it’s great to have options We’re not all cut out to be dressmakers.  And even those of us who are, can always pick up some new techniques and tips, so it’s great to be able to offer a variety of options to our customers. Make it We can provide guidance and support if a customer wants to make clothes themselves; from choosing the pattern to finding the right items and measuring the correct quantity they’ll need for their project. Learn How We also offer one-on-one tuition or group classes for people who want to learn how to make specific items. crumbz clothing line Let us tailor-make it – just for you In store, we have a range of clothing items that we have made on display that we will happily make to order – from knitwear items, to winter accessories and kids clothes, (even the popular wooden corner craft tree)!  If the item of clothing on display isn’t the right size or is in blue and you want pink, just chat to our staff and they will take your order and we’ll make you your very own made-to-measure bespoke item of clothing. crumbz clothing If you haven’t been into our store recently to see our gorgeous winter fabrics, you’re in for a treat.  We’ve a great range of corduroys, velour and denim on its way – imagine what you could make with those!  And in our kids fabrics, we have everything from bold psychedelic colours to pretty more traditional patterns, a selection of which you can see in these photos. crumbz clothing Don’t feel you have to sew-it-alone If you’re reading this and aren’t sure where to start, we recommend a visit to the Crumbz shop.  Once you’ve decided on your project, come along to a ‘Sit & Sew’ session and you’ll soon be on your way, chatting happily with the others and safe in the knowledge there is expert help on hand when you need it. Or perhaps you’re visiting the Yarra Valley and staying nearby?  If there are a few of you, get in touch in advance and we can tailor a craft workshop just for your group.  No-one should feel they have to sew-it-alone!!  J Crumbz is a craft and haberdashery shop run and owned by Kay Trembath in Healesville in Victoria’s Yarra Valley.  Kay designs her own range of vintage designer aprons, craft items and bespoke items of clothing. (03) 5962 6635

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