This time last year Babette couldn't knit...

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...but since joining Crumbz' Knit Hook & Natter group on a Thursday evening, she's picked up the craft and now there's no stopping her!

At Knit Hook & Natter on a Thursday night people come and sit together in our craft room and work on whatever project they’re knitting or crocheting, over a cuppa and a biscuit, with a bit of tuition when required and plenty of laughter thrown in for good measure.  

It appeals to a really diverse mix of people which makes it a lot of fun and interesting.  



Babette for example joined the group last year; she’s 30 years old, works in marketing and lives in Croydon.  She’d been walking past Crumbz’ shop one Saturday morning doing a bit of shopping and loved the window display so much she popped in and got chatting to Kay. 


She'd never learned to knit as a child and had always wanted to.  Plus she had a gorgeous ball of wool at home that she’d bought on a trip to Birregurra and been wondering what to do with.  When Kay told her about Knit Hook & Natter she thought it sounded like a great place for her to come and learn in a fun relaxed group.  


That was nearly a year ago and she’s been coming every week since.  On her first Thursday she brought her wool along and together she and Alison decided she could start by making a scarf, using garter stitch and that was it, she was off.  When asked how she went after her first Knit Hook & Natter session Babette recalls "Alison was very patient with me and explained how to do what.  And the other participants made me feel very welcome - they are a wonderful bunch and now I feel part of the group and really look forward to coming every Thursday.”  


Most of all she loves that help is always on hand when she’s not sure what to do next or how to approach something new. And she finds the group itself great to bounce ideas off.  “They all have an opinion and we always seem to find so much to laugh about, it’s lovely.”  She even now has the confidence to add her own variation to things and when finishing her scarf she added her own 'Babette stitch' to the edges!!!  She's now a regular knitter and has definitely got the bug, she can’t stop - since that first brown scarf, she’s knitted another scarf, a beanie (see photo) and is now working on a baby blanket!

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