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I thought it was time pick up the needles again after the Christmas break and as it's still pretty warm and humid outside, I’ve decided to do a small project using one of our lovely light wintery yarns. I absolutely love Paton’s Soufflé yarn (42% mohair and 58% acrylic) – there are some cool colours and it’s light and soft to work with. I’ve chosen the colours teal, mustard, stone and red for my project and I’m knitting with two strands together on 8mm needles, so it’s quick to knit.

My plan is to knit a striped blanket using the four colours. To keep it interesting I’m going to do a combination of stocking, cable and moss stitches in panels of each colour and I might even add some tassels when I’m finished. I’ve drawn a rough layout of my design, but it may change as I go along! I’m starting each panel with 20 stitches, and two rows of knit stitch and then I’ll work the pattern until the end of each ball. That way the panels will be long enough for a scarf if I decide not to make my blanket. It’s going to be a bit of fun, not a structured project, but something easy to do during the summer months. Hopefully I’ll like it when it’s done and I'll have a lovely blanket to keep me warm during winter. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Why not start a similar project of your own? I’d love to hear what you are doing – so feel free to drop me a line with some photos. Happy crafting everyone :-)

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